Canadian Handywoman's cat

Next Time the Cat Stays Home

I love to recount fun stories, especially when hanging out in my workshop. So let’s start my new website off with a nail-biter that happened not that long ago.

Contractor Truck Tool-Cap

As a handywoman, I never know what job I may encounter so I travel with pretty much every tool I can. I had them Tetris-packed in the backseat of my pick-up truck, which really was inconvenient. Not all trucks have them, but the part that sits on the back bed of a pick-up truck is called a cap. I did have a standard cap that basically kept the contents in the back of my truck dry but that was it, I couldn’t really store my tools there. I’ve always wanted a contractor’s tool cap and finally found one on marketplace; it has side doors so I can securely store my tools in the cap on my truck thus freeing up my backseat.

My new to me pick-up truck tool cap

Road Trip With Our Fur-Babies

Shortly after I set up my new-to-me tool cap, I had a delivery scheduled to Prince Edward County. My wife Mary and I were looking forward to enjoying a relaxing ride through some beautiful countryside. We decided to bring our dog Echo, who is a travelling expert and our cat Kitikaht, who is not.  I had recently purchased a new fancy collar-vest for the cat so thought all would be tickety-boo. Kitikaht wasn’t sure about the truck at first but started to relax after a while.

All Hell Breaks Loose

When we arrived at our destination Mary was tending to our pets while I was taking care of business. Now keep in mind, the cat has chosen me as her human and I graciously accepted her affection and love her to the moon and back. While Mary was out of the truck, with the cat leashed in her new fancy collar-vest, a car zooms by on the dirt road and unwittingly scares the cat to the nth degree (yes, she’s a scaredy-cat) who then jumps in the air and twists like a tasmanian devil and in the blink of an eye, Kitikaht escapes from her new collar-vest AND IS GONE! She scampered into a thick forest bramble beside where we were and would not come out.

Mary is horrified…she just lost my cat! I could see the agony in Mary’s face. We did everything we could for almost two hours, but Kitikaht would not come out. We begrudgingly started to head home, and I was in tears. The further away from where Kitikaht was, the more I sobbed. And even though the day was brilliantly sunny and clear, there was literally a dark cloud passing just over my truck. It was not a fun ride.

I Never Gave Up!

About 20 minutes from where we had lost Kitikaht I made the executive decision to not give up. We stopped at the first store we came across, picked up a bag of my cat’s favourite treats; Temptations, and some tissues for me. We drove back to where the cat had bolted. I walked to a clearing just beside the bramble and began to shake the treat bag while calling her name. I could hear a faint meow and within 30 seconds Kitikaht maneuvers her way out of the thick brush to claim her Temptation treats and allows me to scope her up with no reservations. When I walked back to the truck with Kitikaht in my arms, Mary was beyond excited and declared in an exasperated tone, next time the cat stays home! This just goes to show, the cat may like me but loves her treats.

We found the cat!